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Fun Links!!!

Need a fun or different way to review social studies?  Click on any of the links below:

Exploration and Colonization
Mr. Bett's Class Music Videos
     Jamestown Colony
     Puritan Faith
     Pennsylvania, the Quakers delight
     Moving to the Colonies
Crash Course
     Colonizing America
     The Natives and the English
     The Quakers, the Dutch and the Ladies

American Revolution
     Liberty Kids  
     School House Rock - No More Kings 
     School House Rock - Fireworks 
     School House Rock - Shot Heard 'Round the World 
     Too late to Apologize - A Declaration 
     America - The Story of Us - Revolution 
Mr. Bett's Class
     Causes of the American Revolution
     Paul Revere's Ride 
     Stay with Me - sung by King George III 
     The Boston Tea Party 
Crash Course
     Prelude to Revolution 
     Who won the American Revolution?  
     Tea, Taxes and the American Revolution 

U.S. Constitution
Crash Course
     The Constitution, Articles and Federalism
Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances: Crash Course Government and Politic
School House Rock
Mr. Bett's Class
     Articles of Confederation
     Bill of Rights