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Mrs. Bolin’s

Safety Zone


I believe that all of my students can behave appropriately in the classroom.  Your child will receive a grade each six weeks for Conduct and Work Habits.  The grades will be determined by your child’s respect for the following rules:


Rules for Good Conduct

  1. Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself.
  2. Be a friend by respecting others.
  3. Bring all supplies to class.
  4. Follow all directions


Rules for Good Work Habits

  1. Listen and follow Mrs. Bolin’s instructions.
  2. Work quietly and stay on task.
  3. Complete and return homework each day.


Each student will have a clothespin with their name on it. If the need arises they will have to move their clothespin, and each time they move the clothespin will result in a 2 pt. deduction. Names will be moved back to the top for a fresh start every day.


One move will be WARNING, two moves will be NOTE HOME, three moves MISS AN ACTIVITY, four moves will be PHONE CALL HOME, five moves will be PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE.


Your Role as a Parent


  1. Encourage your child to use the best behavior at school by praising good behavior and providing consequences at home for poor behavior.
  2. Read with your child and check homework, having your child make any corrections needed.  Please be sure and sign/initial your child’s book.
  3. Check backpacks and GREEN folders daily for notes from school.
  4. Respond promptly to requests for Parent/Teacher conferences.


Thank you,

Kandace Bolin