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U.S. History

Exploration and Colonization
-Reasons for exploration and colonization double bubble map
-Exploration and Colonization PowerPoint (with highlighting)
-13 Colonies Map & Instructions
-Exploration and Colonization STAAR Questions Review
-Exploration and Colonization Concepts

American Independence    TEST, FRIDAY OCT. 7
-”Show what you know” Project Choice Board DUE MONDAY, OCT. 17
-Climb the Ladder to American Independence
-American Independence Concepts
-Diary of a Patriot or Loyalist
-Recipe for American Independence
-American Revolution Packet *NEW* (with highlighting)

U.S. Constitution     TEST, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4
-Packet with highlighting
-Written notes
-Flash Card Template
-Branches of Government Quiz
-Choice Board DUE, THURSDAY, NOV 3. Examples

-STAAR Questions
-Northwest Ordinance Rank It!
-Constitutional Compromise/AOC Review – there are 3 parts (Great Compromise, 3/5 Compromise, AOC)

Early Republic     TEST, TUESDAY, DEC. 13
-FIll in the blank notes
-Concepts (done in class 11/15 and 11/16, due 11/16)
-George Washington Graphic Organizer, Proclamation of Neutrality Excerpt, Farewell Address Excerpt (due 12/5)
-U.S. in the Early 1800s Graphic Organizer, Jefferson’s Inaugural Address Excerpt (due 12/6)
-Jefferson’s Presidency Graphic Organizer (due 12/8)
-Supreme Court Cases Graphic Organizer, War of 1812-Monroe Doctrine-Era of Good Feelings Graphic Organizer (due 12/13)
-Early Republic Test Review

Age of Jackson    TEST, FRIDAY, JAN.27
-Written notes
-Packet (page 198-205)
-Vocab and Questions

Industrial Revolution     TEST, FRIDAY, FEB. 10
-Urban Game Set-up and Rounds (you must follow the instructions EXACTLY)
-Industrialization Notes

Manifest Destiny     TEST FRIDAY, FEB. 24
-Written notes
-STAAR Practice Questions

Sectionalism     TEST FRIDAY, MARCH 10         VOCAB QUIZ, FRIDAY, MARCH 3RD!!!!!!
-Questions (fill-in-the-blank)
-STAAR Prep Questions (multiple choice)
-Missouri Compromise/Compromise of 1850 Map & Instructions

Civil War     TEST Monday, April 3
-Written Notes  ***Vocab quiz Friday, March 24 – page 1 and 2 of notes)
-Information Packet
-Map and Instructions

Reconstruction     TEST Monday, April 10
-Information Packet