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New Books and Resources


  • Fleming, Candace. The Great and only Barnum: The Tremendous, Stupendous Life of Showman P.T. Barnum. Details the life and legacy of circus showman, P.T. Barnum.
  • Montgomery, Sy. The Great White Shark Scientist. Details the life of Dr. Greg Skomal and his team who study great white sharks.
  • Tunnell, Michael O. Candy Bomber: The Story of the Berlin Airlift’s “Chocolate Pilot”. This is the true story of chocolate, bubble gum, and hope. Pilot Gail Halvorsen, in one plane, brings happiness to the children of the city.
  • Keller, Tae. Jennifer Chan is Not Alone. “I don’t know why Jennifer ran away— but I might have a guess. Because as I see it, there are two possible reasons. One of those is aliens, and the me.” 
  • Toler, Pamela D. Great Escapes: Across the Minefields. “Susan knew “H Hour” was close— midnight, when she and the other drivers would make their break through the German lines. She realized the men wanted to look like pride soldiers as they risked their lives for what could be the last time.”
  • Marks, Janae. From the Desk of Zoey Washington. “What does a girl say to the father she’s never met, hadn’t heard from and been in prison since she was twelve for a crime he says he’s never committed. Could be really be?”
  • Quinn, Spencer. Ruff vs. Fluff. The story of two spoiled pets, loved by their humans, but enemies. Can the two put their differences aside to solve a murder mystery?
  • McDunn, Gillian. Honestly Elliott. Sometimes finding yourself can be a little messy. Elliot is a struggling middle school student, trying to fit in, when he is paired with the popular and smart Maribel for a school project. Sometimes the least likely become the greatest friends. 
  • Forman, Gayle. Frankie & Bug. “A beautiful and tender story about the discovery of a powerful friendship, starring two fantastic kids and one extraordinary family.”
  • McAnully, Stacy. Millionaires for the Month. When Felix and Benji borrow $20 froma billionaire, she gives them a challenge to spend $5,368,709.12 in thirty days in order to win ten million dollars each. 
  • Blankman, Anne. The Blackbird Girls. Two enemies wake up to the Chernobyl explosion and find themselves on a train to Leningrad to stay together with a grandmother. Both of them discover something they’ve wished for: a best friend, but will they risk their lives to save the other? 
  • Freedman, Russell. The Voice That Challenged a Nation: Marian Anderson and the Struggle for Equal Rights. “She wore the glorious crown of her voice with the grace of an empress and changed the lives of many through the subtle force of her spirit and demeanor. If the planet Earth could sing, I think it would sound like Marian Anderson.”
  • Currie, Lindsay. Scritch Scratch. “I stare in horror at my window, remembering I double-checked the lock on it before I climbed into bed. Fluttering curtains when there’s no breeze can only mean one thing: there’s something in my room.”
  • Warren, Andrea. Charles Dickens and the Street Children of London. “This absorbing book introduces Dickens within the context of his times, and what times they were.”
  • Paulsen, Gary. How Angel Peterson Got His Name and Other Outrageous Tales About Extreme Sports. Extreme sports lead to extreme fun in these stories from Gary’s boyhood. 
  • Otheguy, Emma. Sofia Acosta Makes a Scene. Sofia Acost awakens to issues around her, such as gentrification, privilege, immigration, and history.
  • Berkowitz, Elaine. Escape From the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11. When the unthinkable happens, and terrorists fly into the World Trade Center towers, Elizabeth and Tony must rely on each other to survive one of the worst attacks in American history. 
  • Bausum, Ann. Freedom Riders: John Lewis and Jim Zwerg on the Front Lines of the Civil Rights Movement. “In May 1961, a small group of Black and White passengers boarded a bus and headed south in the name of freedom.”


UPDATED: 8/17/2022